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Slizka´s wedding part ONE (cottage)


Panda, Jamie, Shin, Čarodka, Smíšek and Rick in Nová ves lol
Oi. I wouldnt be really surprised if all of you just gave my blog deep six, cos im terrible. But as just got drunk of 4 beers and excited of a day spent with my sis and our mate Aleš here in Inverness, I will describe you a touching story about one famous wedding in Velké Meziříčí.
Yes, today Im writing in English so my "Tokio bunch" can read this crap im gonna write about them:P Otherwise google translator please. Oh and sorry, not sure how funny I can be when not using my mother tongue, so just try to imagine some jokes while reading.
Well, first I should explain that I needed to find some pipe (trubku), who would substitute me here in Scotland when I go back to Czech for a vacation (that sounds funny). I needed someone awesome, cool and clever...Someone like me. Or at least from my family. I called for Dingo.

The bad thing about Inverness is that the town is so damn north and far from civilization that jurney to Manchester takes like 9 hours and theres only one bus a day going there. Now the maths problem: the bus leaves at 7a.m. The planes takes off at 2p.m. Can I make it to the airport? NO.
Ask my sister how she loved the night at Manchester airport haha.

Luckily Im cheeky enough to bother my friends all around Europe and I made it to Leeds (again), where Jamie Lamie picked me at the bus station (this time really) and let me stay over for a night. As her plane was leaving to Czech from Leeds in the morning, we stayed at home and made up very alternative programme. We searched thru her flatmates PS3 games and squeakingly we decided for the most girly game in the whole world- SILENT HILL.
We´ve both seen the movie, so we quite knew what we were going into, but still, when the Pyramid Head guy killed the other guy with 3 meters long knive just in front of us, we were still considering the possiblity of stopping the game and watching Winnie the Pooh. (ehm, the only cool game I´d ever played before was Tomb Raider 2 and I was scared to shit even of the dogs and tigers). But we didnt stop. With eyes widely open, I repeated hundred times: J, you are sooo brave!! while Jamie, in panic, was killing one monster after another. Few moments later we were laughing at pretty everything including mental, bloody, undead and hungry dog at the cemetry.
My dreams that night were lovely.

In the morning Jay was gone, so I woke up and headed back to Manchester. Oh actually, the one who woke me up was a Pakistan guy from the previous day who told me I was beautiful and he would do my hair in his hair studio next time, so I gave him my number ehm...Gosh, this is so long and I havent even made it to Czech...
Ok so at 5p.m., I got hugged by my Brazilian pal Rick after a year and a half. Oh and Eliska who could hardly miss a moment like this.

Ricardo, Eliska, Jamie, Jitka
It was unbelieveable that he came all the way from Japan just to see me and Eliska (hm, I guess Eliska more). And its really handy to have a sister who studies in Prague and rents an amazing apartment on Vinohradská.
After traditional fried cheese dinner which I made (weird I know), me, Eliska, Rick, Lamie, Eliskas brother Honza (who knows all these people from his visit in Japan) my sisters roommie Jitka, my bff Hermélie and Eva set off to a pub. Svijany beer. All of us except of lame Rick, who manly drinks lame vodka-redbull and lame Eliska who drinks wine, pfff, ordered Svijany. 70p for a beer, people! What a paradise! The beer was obviously fantastic, but unfortunately no one took a video of me and Lamie at 3 in the morning dancing in the rain and running around Prague without shoes and splashing water from paddles at our "sober" friends...

The next morning we did some small sightseeiing around Prague cetre and it was VERY painful for me, cos they are just so slow and tried to teach me how to walk slowly. After two hours of walking slowly, I was quite exhausted and happily sat on a train to my hometown, Pardubice. That time, my only company was J and Rick, who were now for a change superexcited about the fact we were traveling in coupes like in Harry Potter and tried to pretend we were in Hogwarts express.
Then Jamie took some creepy pics of me like a ghost and in Pardubice we jumped in my dads car which took us to his house for a home made pizza and football in the garden. Me and Jamie against Rick and my 5 years old brother who understands like...no English but became Ricks best friend. I wish I could say that boys won:P
Also did a small trip to a castle near us and my dad enlighted the dark history of communism to those two crypto-fascist bourgeois craps (kryptofašistickým buržoazním škvárům). In the evening I showed them my two cousins in a pub, but it was rather one man show of the older one, who is just so hard describeable...Well, theyre both very VERY individal...And me, J and Rick all drank one beer, cos they just couldnt understand we drink beer instead of water here...

Anyway, next day we packed our stuff and had to get from my village to the train station which is 50 minutes briskly walking. It was more complicated with those two. Not that I wasnt pleased that they liked czech countryside, but especially Rick was so happy to see some nature after 2 years in Tokyo, that he had to take a picture of every! stupid duck, tree and a rock we were passing. So 50 minutes turned into two hours and I still felt like I would have to choke them to death any minute. Thexy on the other side couldnt understand why my blood pressure is so high:))
Later we did some compulsory sightseeing around my fabulous metropolis, had a lunch with dad in Pardubice, met my friend Smíšek, did some small shopping for food (bread, onion, classic) and big shopping for alcohol, picked my bff Čarodka in Hradec and settled down at cosy cottage at the bank of a lovely lake in sothern west Bohemia. Just to let u know, the "lake" has 1 meter depth which consists of 50 cm of mud and 50 cm of water. Well, you can still swim...somehow.

Now small test time: who doesnt know who Eliska is?! Right. Eliska and her fiance Adam (who I went to Skye Island last year with) made it to the cottage too and we showed foreigners how we rock in Czech with bonfire, sausages (no marshmallow please!), beer and rum for 50p in our favourite pub. My English speaking friends had a tinny problem with understanding why we call Čarodka when her name is Lucie, which is Lucy, but everyone calls Lucie Lucka and we particularly call har Čarodka, which means Witch. The same with Smíšek, but we just asked them to call him Merry. Or Ondra. Or Andrew...

Oh how I love it there! So many parties we had in that cottage. And annual spring girl-party. So many hours on that smallfoot bridge! Nope, cant even describe how happy I am to have the cottage. Ehm...and its owner Čarodka of course
Dunno how many best friends I have, but this one is numero uno

Ive allways had a dream of buying a disco ball. Dont ask me. I dont know. I hate disco, but disco ball just sounds so cool, u know? So guess what? Eliska passed me a box and when I opened it...Waaaaa. Have no idea what Im gonna use it for, but hell yeah! I am a proud owner of a disco ball!

The only sad thing was that Shin´s flight was canceled due to the fog...(interesting that he didnt noticed any mist around the Paris airport and all the other planes were allowed to take off). But u know. Someone with such a big had must be pretty smart, so I navigated him from Prague to Týniště nad Orlicí which is like the biggest shithole in the middle of nowhere:D To mine and all others surprise, he was there the next day! Couldnt believe my eyes, really. And not only he made it all the way there, he also made friends of some random metal-music-fans who gave him heaps of wine. Friendly people.

Eliska and Adam were already gone, but our other friend Jana came on bike for a visit, so we all had another party night. This time we spent day outside, laying in the grass, cahtting or boating. It would be very peaceful afternoon if someone didnt jump into the water from the boat and didt start throwing the black smelly mud into other peoples faces. Wait...it was actually me. Then me, Jamie, Shin, and Smíšek stroke a cruel battle so I couldnt brush my smelly hair for next two days as the mud was all over my head. And there is no shower.

This picture is here just because i think my back looks really sexy here!
Then Ricardo played The Kooks and Oasis for us hundred times and we set off to pub again. This time earlier. We dont remember much, tho still dont get how its possible that no one was hungover next day, considering how much we had drunk! And mixed everything. Shin and Rick, probably happy to see aech other again, got crazy and kept bringing shots of Zelená and Vodka every 10 minutes. Blah.

We didnt demolish Čarodka´s cottage (Jamie and Rick and Shin called it Villa, losers :D) as much as we wanted, but at least were able to leave quite early and spend the rest of the day at beach of a proper lake with more than 1m of water.
In the evening, J and Rick were exhausted of doing nothing and refused to join me and Shin on the way to town for a drink and stayed at home. So I said to myself"ok, Shins here, maybe its not a greatest idea to take him to the most filthy pub in town (my favourite one of course)" and took him to a "posh" bar in a centre. We met two of my friends Petra and Marian (which is not shocking at all, as they practically live there:D) and had some nice chat with them.

Friday was a day D for us. Me, Jay, Rick and Shinmaster were supposed to catch a train back to Prague to catch up with the rest of Eliskas international guests and I was pretty stoked to see Anne-France, Robin, Christine and all the others again and move over to Velké Meziříčí for Eliska and Adams DAY D. But right now, I fucking managed to write all this in English and feel like my head is gonna explode, so I have to cut it here. Now its up to u guys if I finnish this in czech or English, so dont let me down and give me some feedback or Ill kill ya all.
U know me.

P.S. special thanks to all three guys who commented last time, I listened to all you recomended music and liked all three albums! I swear! Keep listening to all of them!
P.S.S I dont care about misspellings right now :P Its Sometime around midnight for Gods sake!

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Anonymní řekl(a)...

Hey Zaneta!

Thanks fpr writing it in English^^... before I used google translate and everything sounded really crazy what you did (I guess it was anyways but I didn't understand a word :P).

Hey I love disco balls too! But I hate discos :D.

I wish I was there earlier with you and the others :(. Stupid part-time job :(((( Wish I wouldn't have to work^^...

I also want to see the czech way of partying so much!!! I heard about cottages and wanna do that too!!! Maybe next time when I come to Czech... if you will be there hehe... if not... oh well I just party on my own :P...

Don't dare to write the next post in Czech or I will kill YOU!!!! muahhaaaaaaa

Hugs and Kisses

Christin^^ <3

Eliska řekl(a)...

hey Pandeta!
i see you can use the same "panda´s" kind of humor even in english, so keep on writing in english for the others sake, it´s worth it!!!
PS: it is a known fact that when you do sight seeing, you walk slow to actually see those sights :P