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Slizka´s wedding part TWO (big reunion)

Hey once again in English (probably for the last time-until now I was always depending on that my foreign friends and exboyfriends will be too lazy to use google translator so I could write pretty much anything, mostly the truth). But you know how popular was the album called My version of Eliskas and Adams wedding on FB, so I would also like to add some commentary to the artistic pieces which were captured by talented...not me...everybody else. And you are not allowed to laugh at me that I only now discovered how to play with photos in photoshop.
Im just fifteen I swear.

Have no idea how come but Elis and Adam are somehow busy, so its up to me and Eliskas older brother Honza to pick up the international jury for the wedding. Id like to introduce you to the judges. You already know Jamie, Rick and Shin, but hope you understand they were quite useless so we also needed some other people to help Eliska with getting married:

Anne-France: czech-french interpreter who can say chudák Robin, nikdo ho nemá rád in Czech and translate it to French and English (btw it means, poor Robin, nobody likes him)
Robin: Indonesian (if hes actually from Malaysiya and I screwed it up again, Im sorry), who got secretly married few moths ago without telling OR INVITING us. The photographer
John MacDonald: Scottish dances teacher. No relative of McDonalds, the Americans. No hamburgers.
Christin: Deutschlander. Well, someone has to eat all those sweets and cakes, right?
Marta: Polish mum. The one who could be evil, but cant cos she just doesnt know how... And I hate her, because her legs look so sexy on the pictures.
Roman and Ksenia: Hm...maybe all the Russians arent that bad. But they staill havent apologize for Ovechkin...
Anna:Well someone had to be the sexy party girl. Polish Anna, Roman, Ksenia and John are friends of Adam from Stirling Uni.

So on the Friday morning, we woke up at 8(!) and I packed my stuff=nothing+2L plastic bottle of beer. We cought a train to Prague, but looked like no one would help me with beer. Please dont think Im an alcoholic, but you have no idea how hard it is to be from Beer Nation and sufer with Sapporo for 800Yen, Tennents for 3,20Pound and Pabst for 2 when Im back home I cut loose of the lead a bit!
Yeah, so of course no one hepled...
Robin was the first to meet at Vaclavske square, so we all crawled and sneaked behind Robins back and surprised him. Shin had seen him on Christmas when he went to Tokyo for few days, but me, Jamie and Rick couldnt believ he was there. Honestly who would believe that it was truth when we were saying SEE U rather than GOOD BYE in Tokyo to each other!
So Robin boasted with his super cool camera and 50 packets of cigarettes in camera bag and we sat off to old town. I played the role of a guide professionaly and told Jamie (no one else cared) about Charles the 4th and Hungry wall. Then Rick decided to buy some souvenirs for his family and girlfriend, but unfortunately he picked the biggest shits they have had in shops and me with J could but laugh at him so much. We also spent lovely 15 seconds staring at famous Old town clocks and when the amazing show finished, everybody turned their heads to me and asked:"Is that all?!?"

At 1p.m. we were supposed to meet Honzas group consisting of Anne-France, Christin, John, Roman and Ksenia who were late so my group find a nice pizzeria near the metro station and ate snack. By that time I drank almost 1,5 L of my beer, cos the only one helping was Robin and placed the bottle under the table. Thats how I lost it :((
Finally Honza appeared on escalator and we all met again.

Back to sightseeing. Bridge and a castle.
This time it was even possible to cross Charles bridge, we still managed to lose 3 people tho, so I was running around trying to find Honza, Shin and Anne-France.
After AH! and OH! at the castle and cathedral, we bullied Shin a little bit and I chatted to John, Adams schoolmate from Stirling, whos going to Australia next month. Jealous...

Later I took my group and got back to my hometown where my mum was waiting with a car and was excited to see Shin again and drove us to my house where we grabbed all stuff for wedding, and where we all turned ourselfes from dirty smelly gypsys into stunning young ladies and gentlemen in clean clothes. Another roadtrip to Velké Meziříčí, the road was closed so we got lost, but not that much. We arrived an hour later and we noticed it because all international guests and Eliska family were already sitting at the table looking at us with hungry eyes.
Happy greetings with Martička, who arrived by herself.

Then we ate homemade guláš and after that Eliska stand up and had an amazing speech.

The speech was about the next day programe. She gave us printed sheets with schedule writen minute by minute, told us not to lose it or she will kill us (me, Jamie and Honza in the back of the table laughed), it took her 10 minutes to explain each point and told us not to lose it, because its very VERY important (me, Jamie and Honza werent listening cos we were looking for misspellings and laughed at them), then Eliska said if anyone is late tomorrow or doesnt know what to do, she would kill him and she told us not to lose it(me, Jamie and Honza were rolling on the table laughing). Then she almost cried with happiness we are there and we clapped hands. Guláš was D.E.licious!
Eliska didnt allow us to party that night so we would be fresh next day and we were brought to rented high school dormintory.
Sometimes Eliska can be even more scary than me.

Girls room was busy from seven in the morning. Stockings on (pleaseeee Mr. Harris! Just lip my stockings!), cool dresses, hairdryers and heaps of make up.
For those who were terorized by mine and Jamies "Mr. Kazu sent me. He sends premium fantasy", please watch this video, maybe u will understand what we were whole week laughing at! We would also like to apologize to all of you haha

We all tried hard to stick to Eliskas rules (or we were just scared of her)

and were in front of the dorm on time. I proudly drove my mates to Eliskas house and there were mountains of sweets, fruits and stuff for breakfast again. So we all got fat again and because Eliska was at haidresser, we were siting outside in the garden, met Adam and Eliskas local friends and played game called INTUITION. While we wre waiting, Jamie went to bathroom, so I sat her paper programe on fire. Marta and Christine looked shocked and were probably worried about Jamies life if Eliska finds out.

In few moments Eliska and Adam in wedding dress (of course Adam wasnt wearing the same white gown as Eliska)appeared and stole all the attention for themself, which was terrible, cos everybody took 124 photos of them and only 2 photos of me! Lets skip this sad part and move to the castle where we became witnesses of Eliska changing from " Miss OWL" into "Mrs. PUSHED OUT". It was breathtaking, eventho the lady in pink dress who was reading that lame (no offence) poem, was ehm...lame. But that didnt matter as the half of the guests didnt understand Czech anyway...
And when Adam and Eliska said YES, I started crying. yes. And again when I had to express my congratulations to the couple. I dint want to make any drama so I just murmured something like "you stupid cow, I love you" and cried even more. And went twice for a hug.

(from now I wont write Eliska and Adam, cos its too long and will call them Vytlacilovi which is their surname now)

Then Vytlacilovi were taking kinky wedding pictures in castle gardens, so all the guests were standing around and getting druk, because brides and grooms classmates were in charge of pouring shots od vodka and plum alcohol and were doing their job quite well.
Even Shin was happy.

Next on programe was the most important- the food. Lunch, desert, cake, snack, dinner, second dinner and third dinner.
Bride and groom did some crazy czech customs too. For Jakob especially: we really do breaking a plate and cleaning it up here in czech!!! Or eating a soup when tied together.

It was good fun, me and Marta made up perfect plan about getting a ship and sailing to west to undying lands...which Robin and Rick didnt seem to understand and Eliskas dad showed us some wine tasting just in case he left to early and we didnt know how to drink wine at 2 in the morning :D
Many and many people came that afternoon, we danced, ate, gossiped and ate. Ricardo also pulled out his guitar and played us Naive and Wonderwall for the 100th time. Later 4 scottish dances proffesionals appeard and showed the crowds how to dance like crazy Scots in kilts. The four profis were John, Eliska, Adam and little me with short dress and no bra under. When you dance like have to jump a lot...:/

I was so impressed with Johns kilt that I have no idea what others were doing but I suddenly found myself sitting at 3 in the morning with him in the corner telling him boys are stupid and I liked him and told him I didnt want everyone to think we were drunk and made out. So we waited for next 5 minutes until we made out and despite the fact John is going to CangarooLand for a year, he made me his girlfriend for 14 days. Thats actually the reason I havent been writing lately, we were to busy here in Inverness with going to beach or mountains.
So sorry I cant write a proper report on that night.
At least I still remember how me and Honza were trying to get Robin to bed, which was quite hard, cos he was very bossy and telling Honza and me to go to bed and he wanted to jump out of the window I think...
So glad other boys cooperated well next morning considering how crazy their night was.

Eliska happy after her first night with Adam haha. Eating at hers again, then me, Jamie, Anne-Franc, Christin and Marta laying in her garden and sunbathing. Then water fight which I had nothing to do with as allways. Shin regreted he joined the fight later cos he smelled like disgusting old fish poo. Anne-France got Czech languange for 6 years old and I started to teach her our lovely HCHKRDTN and žščřcjďťň and how to say Rick is stupid and old. And she was doing great!
Local outdoor swimming pool with extremely cold vater. We pretended playing volleyball but the only one really playing were Adam and Christine, the rest of us were just trying not to bet the biggest losers.
In the evening we had outdoor bbq and had the best fun ever:

No, really we had! Anne-France together with Jamie can be so loud and annoying. They wouldnt stop gigling not even for a minute, so I had to join them and I still dont know how someone can laugh so much at "ITS RAINING MEN". It just doesnt me any sense O_o

We went to bed quite late and woke up few times as people were leaving at different times early morning. So it was very sad to say goodbye to everyone again.

Eliska, Adam, Marta, Rick, Anne-France, Robin, Christin, Shin, Honza, Anna, Jamie, John, Roman and Ksenia- it was such a great weekend. Its like a miracle we met so soon after Tokyo and Im happy I became a part of a bunch like this one. See u around the world again and again, nothing will stop us right? We also missed all the friends who couldnt make it to Czech, next time, ehm?
Me and Anne-France would also like to say hi to Jakobs swedish friend Gustav haha.

P.S. Im sorry if you read this and dislike it, at least you can see Im the same evil even when writing. Oh and I allways say almost truth :P This is probably last post in English at least until the next wedding.
P.S. Dont care about misspelling again, Im too exhausted.


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if i ever get married, please take pictures of my wedding too!! :D

radobyelfka (nebo Panda) řekl(a)...

haha Mon, I didnt take a single one! I just screwed them. But yeah! happily:D Wie ist Tokyo?

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I think I'll start learning Czech to understand the rest of your blog :) It's so fun to read.
Next time we meet, teach me how to be evil, please.

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hehe the last day we went to bed quite late?! I remember that a bit different^^... you were the FIRST in bed at around 12 :PPPP


radobyelfka (nebo Panda) řekl(a)...

i usualy go to bed around 7, so it was late for me!

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okay, then please - sometime in the faaaaar future - screw my wedding pictures, too!! :D und tokyo ist natürlich 最高!!! ♥

Eliska řekl(a)...

so nice to hear that i can also scarry you, rock it! B-P
and i really would like to know how old fish poo smells....coz you are evil and i´m creepy :D
PS: i want Tokyoooo!!! but monika, come here to visit us!!

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next time u write any notes like this, tag me too! ^^
Kiki Ch

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It's an awesome report of our crazy time. I think my favourite bit is you writing about the program. XD And I hope I never forget "Mr.Hallis, preaaase! Lip my stocking!";) And "It's Raining Men" was so funny if you'd been in on the conversation from the beginning. XD We have a whole music video planned! :D Awesome blog Zaneta, thanks for writing it in English, now I can always remember what happened! :D